Obtaining Wholeness and Healing for Mind and Body

The most important, continuous mental process of your life is the healthy integration of your mind and body – the wholeness of your being. The purpose of your life is designed by the ultimate designer, which is at the center of your being which provides your inner sense of free will, of psychological growth, and the broadening, elevating search for interior freedom and self-understanding. The integration of the self, the discovery and enablement of your self-purpose are processes that begin before birth. This process is guided by your parents and significant others in your early life where your sense of self is largely a reflection of the projected personalities and values of others into your slowly widening, intelligible and sensible world. A rare few individuals move into a higher realm at adulthood, which is the development of the self through cyclical self-identification, higher degrees of self-reflection, and the most difficult of all: full interior transcendence.


Interior transcendence is not a goal to reach, but is a quality of life and mind, an emergence of the ‘being’ of the intellect and that which fully defines the person you are, but which you may not be presently experiencing. The effective means of interior transcendence includes the act of transcendence itself, as self-emergence increases, the ability to have interior transcendence increases proportionately. Self-emergence necessitates self-enablement, and therefore a much higher degree of self-reflection. This is a reification process, whereby the individual pursuing full interior transcendence becomes more self-sufficient in mind, body and spirit. A mental independence emerges like the unfolding of a rose which has been gently touched by the warm morning sun. The sensation and process is new and mysterious. As the rose bud encounters itself, its being is sensed and affirmed. Although, at first, it is the ‘other’, an external force, that nudges and calls for its self-identification. The rose bud only becomes in relation to the other, an outside force that calls for its emergence into the outer world.


The rose bud, emerging into full bloom, continues a process of transcendence that is a continuum from its many progenitors. It works with forces alive and coordinated within itself, permitting a growth process and a projection outward in search of the means for continued survival. It reacts within a physical world that, like the ebb and flow of a moist wind, calls it into being through its natural, relational interaction. The rose bud, as with the rose bush it is attached to, is naturally seeking its transcendence beyond that which it currently is. This is accomplished, however elegantly, without mind. This type of self-emergence is categorized as phenomenal transcendence. It is that which is, in relation to what it is not. There is no decision-making process involved, no self-assessment or assertion. A higher order of transcendence is found in animals, categorized as noetic-phenomenal transcendence. There is mind and thought, but only limited reflection of its being and existence. There is no intentional inner calling for interior transcendence. The highest potential order of transcendence is found in, and limited by, the human mind.


The adult human mind provides the potential basis for cognitive awareness, a sense of self as opposed to the other, be it sentient of not. This is the lowest form of intellection within human capability. Interior transcendence is the rarest, and highest order intellectual, emotional and corporeal level of being that a human can potentially attain. The proper contextualization of this is better termed as a ‘state of interior transcendence’ where it is experienced as a cyclical, self-generating process, rather than a static level of higher order awareness. It is a transcendence of your being that is continuously transcending. The primal human level of cognitive awareness provides a foundation for self-discovery. The nearly silent whisper of the longing for transcendence must be sought after, found, and nourished. It is an imperfect process and is not consistent. It is a quiet process, for it is only about you. It is a lonesome process, for it reveals the singularity of the ‘self’ at its highest levels – the identification of your inner being. Asking the questions of ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here?’ or ‘what am I doing?’ are finite questions requiring infinite answers. There are no perfect, finite answers to these questions, only ever deeper means of finding and understanding the answers. Full interior transcendence provides a means, a path, to nurture your being, that which is truly you, into fully cognitive and tangible existence.


Each moment of our lives is a ‘starting point’ for self-emergence. Each moment is an opportunity for the discovery of the inner being that waits for you within the confines of your mind. At first glance, the entire process of finding, nourishing and emerging your inner being may seem like a very daunting task. On the contrary, it is well within your mental grasp and abilities. Attaining interior transcendence is a dialectical process, with multiple, reflective dimensionality. A gentle nudging of the ‘other’ can bring you into a sudden state of self-awareness, to a point where the deepest longing for transcendence can be faintly felt and rudimentarily realized. This is the very first stage of self-emergence. Initially, interior transcendence becomes ‘aware’ of itself within you. This begins a process that cannot be stopped, only slowed or facilitated by the self and the other. Ever deepening self-reflection will identify a methodology of emergence. This is the identification of the process leading to full self-perception, and the full enablement of your being. The methodology of emergence is simply the active framework whereby your ability to transcend your internal existence is guided. The unfolding of your being is a rose bud touched by warm sunlight - let it emerge into brilliance.


The emergence of your being, once enabled, is an unending process. It is defined by the moment, but undefined by its non-temporal potentiality. It is a ‘projection’ of the fullness of your being and is only limited by your freedom of mind. The moment of emergence is the actualization of interior transcendence. The entire potentiality of your being, of your ‘self-ness’ past, present and future, is alive within your first moment of emergence. This is also the moment when the reification of all that is your being begins. The general shapes, scale and scope of your being become more focused and awakened to their new-found self-acknowledgment. For the first time, your being, through the lens of interior transcendence, becomes recognized. Your being, in the dialectical process, responds to the comforting recognition that you provide. The response is Love.


Recognition of your being enables the self-fulfilling process of interior transcendence. It is a multi-dimensional process whereby your being begins to project into the outer world, in search of survival, nourishment, knowledge, and other being(s). Simultaneously, it retracts for moments of reflection regarding its status in the moment, in relation to where it has emerged from, and to where it is going. Your mind is the capsule and the portal for the process of interior transcendence. Within your normal, wandering, disconnected thoughts and imaginings abides the center of your being, a point of infinite knowledge and acknowledgment of self-existence. The interior exploration of your mind needs to seek your point of groundedness, the singularity of your mind and being. As you attain the ability to dialectically reflect on and nurture your being into outward projection, your intimate knowledge of the self will increase proportionately. It is a beautifully simple and natural process uninhibited by time and space. It is a process to find infinite potentiality, to fully acknowledge that which has not yet been attained. It is a process contingent upon a free mind.