Four “Moments” to Better Meditation and Freedom

In the quiet moments of your life it is very important to seek a point of silence in your mind. Meditation, which is simply focusing on your being, is essential for the pursuit of self-actualization. Practically, one must create meditative moments, which will in turn create you. At first, the cultivation of an effective meditative regimen must be scheduled, at a point in your day or night when you are least fatigued, and the most open and able to release connections from the world around you. Make your environment comfortable by reducing the intensity of light and noise. Depending upon your demeanor, it might be helpful to listen to classical music at a low volume as you are welcoming focus, external release, and interior journey. I recommend the free-flowing compositions of Erik Satie as a means to begin the focusing process externally, which will eventually be partially supplanted by a powerful source deeply within your mind. Your mind must become comfortable and familiar with the meditative process; therefore, you should select the same source of music every time you prepare to meditate. Familiarity will increase over time. Be patient and you will grow to appreciate the delicate nature of your mind and being. Familiarity will foster clarity of mind and interior sight. Now that you have provided the initial conditions for effective meditation, it is important to adopt a meditative methodology. This methodology is composed of degrees of reification, and ‘moments’ of inverse emergence. Both are necessary for the enablement of interior transcendence.


This article presents the moments to obtain “freeing” meditation. They begin from a general, focusing moment and gradually focus to the highest moment of meditative activity. The levels of moments are a methodology utilized for the search of your being. The levels build upon each other, and each assumes the intrinsic properties of the previous level. It is your ‘first’ process, a mirrored process enabling interior transcendence – and understanding of who you are. Meditation, in principle, is an active undertaking to convert the grey fabric of nothingness into that which already exists. It is time for you to create that which is within you by meditating on the words below and allow your mind to become free.


• First Moment: Foundational reification, “My thoughts become mine.”


A grain of sand. Hot. Bright. Blue wind. Allow yourself to neutralize your presence on planet Earth. Envision yourself instantaneously floating in space, looking down at the pale Earth and ashen Moon, both in harmonious movement. The stars encircling you are like the fiery blue diamond glow of fresh snow at dawn. They flood your senses. This is infinite grandeur. You see the Earth again. Blue wind. Bright. Hot. A grain of sand. Directed meditation can enable you to force yourself from the confines of your thinking by replacing the barrage of thoughts collected and generated throughout your day with the delight of your imagination. This is the first stage of reified meditation. This is the point at which you decide to venture within in search of your being. This is the stage in which the outer layers of your consciousness begin to reflect inward, effectively closing off the sensible existence around you. Have patience and begin to collect the random thoughts and yearnings you sense within, and mold them into discernable concepts and ideas. This stage is important, as it is a beginning of interior ownership. What is within, is yours, you must now find it and touch it ever so delicately.


• Second Moment: Intermediate Reification, “The world is contextualized as the other, and I am.”


As you begin to identify the shapes and shadows of thoughts and feelings within your mind, that reality becomes you, and as you identify with that which is you, clarity of thought has been found. Following the process of reification, you will enter into the dialectical substratum of meditation, which is the essence of otherness, a sudden realization of the contextualization of your existence as singular, as distinct from the world that surrounds you. At once this is exhilarating and also potentially frightening. Seek this, and do not turn away from it. As you have embraced the first moment of meditation, allow and direct your mind to focus more on what you have discovered on the surface of your mind. Envision yourself adjusting a lens to bring the elements of your interior existence into clarity. The former murkiness of your pool of thoughts will become clear to you. Collect what you find and take time to know these things. Move them around until you can begin to create categories of thoughts and feelings. Once smaller patterns of thoughts emerge from your thought categories, adjust your lens for a wider view of your collection and study what you have found. Seek signs that reveal larger patterns, more complete categorical relationships. This stage of your meditative process will take the longest period and will require the most energy and devotion from you. As you do this process, study your sense of singular being in existence. You are One.


• Third Moment: Formal Reification: “Patterns of Being emerge, to know is to be.”


The Second Moment of meditation provides you with the ability to recognize yourself as a distinct being, where your oneness of being has begun to manifest itself. If you follow this meditative methodology carefully, and devote enough time and effective intent to self-discovery, then you will find yourself moving into unexpected realms of reflectivity. As you embrace the singularity of your being in existence, you will find comfort in your separateness. A cool tranquility will permeate your interior sense of reality. As you explore your sense of distinctiveness, direct yourself to observe thought patterns, - discern your random thoughts, for they are seldom random. Analyze your feelings as packets of conceptualizations. How are they related to each other? What is the message contained within my current thoughts? As importantly, what is missing? The Third Moment of meditation is the full integration of the self with your thoughts. Your thoughts are you. This can be a challenging stage to pass through. Our immersion into the world from early childhood promoted a discontinuity between what is, and what we think and feel. Many people only faintly recognize or listen to their thoughts. Much of their time is spent obfuscating the obvious within and before them. Your present function in meditation is not only to identify and categorize your precious thoughts and feelings, but to become your thoughts and feelings. This Moment can be frightening for some, for it demands ownership of you by you. This is a self-directed methodology, not a free-flowing mental exercise. You have a goal. Your pathway to the goal is illuminated by your growing sense of self love. Love your thoughts. When you reach the level of interior oneness, all your formerly disconnected thoughts and feelings will become one, as you. Love. Patience. Stillness. Release.


• Fourth Moment: Inverse Transcendent Reification: “I am my thoughts, I am me.”


Leading up to the Fourth Moment you have begun to hone your ability to own your thoughts, identify your individuality, and to integrate your thoughts with ‘the self’. This level of meditation may take days, months, or years to accomplish, depending on the previous immersion you have had with your being, and depending on your mental discipline. This Moment is the finite infinite, whereby your singularity, fully recognized by yourself as a being, is at the same time an opening portal to the infinitude of your thoughts and comprehension of that which was unknown: you. This Moment is a threshold of noesis, thought knowing thought, and comprehending. It is at this time that former chaotic thoughts and emotion become intelligible. Patterns emerge as you identify with your mind, as you see all thoughts as mirrors of your being. Find the patterns, dwell in them, love them. The Fourth Moment is the Noetic Moment, where you have deliberately embarked on a mission to find and understand that which is so precious, the being of you, a place where only your mind could ever understand what is within. Do not be afraid of what you seek, and do not be satisfied with what you find, for the mission will never end. Spend gentle time with yourself here. This Moment is simply the noctilucent harbinger of your full interior transcendence.