From Confusion to Clear Thinking

Isn’t it important to learn the facts of a situation you are involved with to add clarity to decision-making? If we do not know facts, or do not understand them, then we can be locked into a world of confusion and frustration. As individuals, we try to solve problems to better our lives, or to better the lives of others, especially those that we love.

How can I find inner meaning?

Before setting out to gain a better understanding of where you are in the world and why, it is necessary to understand the value you are to yourself. Discovering what you mean to yourself is not a difficult process, but it can be a new way of thinking for many people. You should begin by asking questions, such as, do I mean anything to myself, and if I do, what?

Four “Moments” to Better Meditation and Freedom

In the quiet moments of your life it is very important to seek a point of silence in your mind. Meditation, which is simply focusing on your being, is essential for the pursuit of self-actualization. Practically, one must create meditative moments, which will in turn create you. At first, the cultivation of an effective meditative regimen must be scheduled, at a point in your day or night when you are least fatigued, and the most open and able to release connections from the world around you.

Obtaining Wholeness and Healing for Mind and Body

The most important, continuous mental process of your life is the healthy integration of your mind and body – the wholeness of your being. The purpose of your life is designed by the ultimate designer, which is at the center of your being which provides your inner sense of free will, of psychological growth, and the broadening, elevating search for interior freedom and self-understanding.


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