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GSSRI’s Mission



The GSSRI’s mission is to work for the reduction and elimination of systematic social inequality, poverty and hunger. Our guiding principle is to identify, encourage and expand intellectual and practical growth in the concept and application of human liberation as a means to enable the naturalization of human society. Our aim is to provide planetary leadership with ideas, impactful conversations, and publications as a means to change minds and instill new knowledge to enable freedom of thought and social advancement. Our objectives include the collective orientation and application of social scientists and student scholars toward philosophical and substantial global change in dialogue and praxis for the betterment of humanity and to sustain our planet Earth.





In alignment with our mission statement, we are interested in developing new and effective ideas to create a better society which is centered on individual and social equality. Our academic staff represents a wide-ranging example of inter-disciplinary social science interests and research. We hope you will join us by submitting world-changing ideas for us to discuss or tell us about the activities you are doing. Our future activities include additional outreach to international media and political spheres to advance our message and objectives for social change.




The GSSRI is led by an advisory board, a director, and administrative staff. Our director is Dr. Marcel Lamoureux. Dr. Marcel Lamoureux is an internationally known political scientist, philosopher, author and speaker.


Dr. Lamoureux holds a Ph.D. in political science and political philosophy from Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland; a master’s in management from Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, and a bachelor’s in philosophy from Wadhams Hall College, Ogdensburg, New York. He is continuing studies in continental philosophy at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Dr. Lamoureux served as an external academic advisor at Vermont College, Norwich University.


Dr. Lamoureux’s research interests and contributions include the investigation of the underlying philosophy and political causality and complexity of extreme poverty and social inequality.


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